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Direct Mail Vs. Email Marketing

There’s no doubt every company’s marketing mix should include some form of mail. The question is, should that mail be physical or digital? Ideally you’d want to use a mix of both email and direct mail, but if could only choose one method which one would be the best for your business?

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How Do Users Search For Local Businesses?

“How do my customers go about searching for my local business?” It’s an important question and it’s probably one of the most frequent questions we receive as SEO specialists. We’re going to put this question to rest and help you better optimize your local search ranking.

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Print Is Not Dead

In this modern day of email, social media, and declining newspaper readership, it’s easy to shrug print advertising off as an advertising medium of the past. Have we thrown print to the wayside too early? Is print truly dead? At Tipping Point we say absolutely not.

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Why You Should Subscribe To Our Mailing List

The internet is full of great marketing blogs. HubSpot, MarketingProfs, Unbounce, and Kissmetrics are some of the infinite many that come to mind. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I subscribe to Tipping Point’s email list? Why add even more emails to my inbox?” We have only one reason for you, and one reason is all we need. The answer is simple You should subscribe to our email list, because you will receive […]

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