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11 Blogs Every Marketer Should Subscribe To

Marketing is an industry that remains in a state of constant evolution. Consumer tastes, technology, government regulation, and the economic environment are always changing. Think about how far we’ve come in the last 5 years. Rewind the clock back to 2010. The only image “Panda” evoked was a cute animal gnawing on bamboo. There was no relation to Google or search algorithms whatsoever at the time. Facebook advertising was rudimentary and still developing. Twitter self-serve advertising was still more than a year away. Display ads were rather static, retargeting was considered extremely creepy, and tablets were non-existent. Indeed, there’s been a decent amount of change in the past 5 years that’s forced marketers to adapt in order to remain relevant.

Of course, having the ability to adapt requires marketers to stay informed with what’s going on within the industry, as well as, pick up the latest and greatest marketing techniques/strategies. Constant learning requires constant reading and one of the best ways to learn is to have the most relevant marketing news/tips/tricks sent straight to your inbox. There are A LOT of marketing blogs out there. Many are great, however more still are full of junk written by people who, quite frankly don’t know what they’re talking about. Moreover, even if you wanted to subscribe to every decent marketing blog in existence, it wouldn’t be a very practical move. You certainly wouldn’t want that many emails cluttering up your inbox and you definitely wouldn’t have the time to read that much material. Therefore, we’ve filtered through the nonsense and the mediocre to bring you the top 11 marketing blogs and newsletters that are actually worth subscribing to. Whether you’re just getting started in the realm of marketing or you’re an expert looking to pick up a few new tricks, there’s a blog or two on this list for you.

1) Marketing Profs

The brainchild of content marketing expert, Ann Handley, Marketing Profs is the go-to site for all things content marketing. Marketing Pros has an excellent newsletter to subscribe to if you’re looking to learn more about content marketing and how to craft ridiculously good content. The site also has a good handle on what’s hot in the industry. The more time progresses the more Marketing Profs continues to become an industry watercooler of sorts.

2) KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics blog

Much like their product offerings, the KISSmetrics blog is very technical and analytical in nature. The blog is great for those who want to learn more about the technical and analytical side of marketing. You’ll learn how to increase conversions from your website and landing pages, optimize your email click through rate, automate your marketing, and much more.

3) Content Markting Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute was founded by self-described content marketing evangelist and author Joe Pulizzi. Pulizzi has been using the term, “content marketing,” since 2001, long before it became a household name. The blog features a post a day written by Pulizzi and other esteemed marketing leaders who discuss content creation and strategy. In addition to informative posts, there’s also a weekly roundup so readers can study the kinds of content other companies are producing.

4) Social Media Examiner

Social media marketing

If you’re a social media marketer you’re undoubtedly already subscribed to this blog. However, if you’re not and you’re interested in enhancing your social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, then this is the blog to subscribe to. Social Media Examiner is hands down the best resource for social media tips and best practices.

5) Buffer

Buffer blog

The social media scheduling and analytics platform has quite an awesome blog. It’s hugely entertaining with content that is useful and not clickbait-y. The Buffer blog is a hotbed of social media know-how that manages to guide social media newbies while still remaining relevant to social media experts.

6) Quicksprout

Quicksprout blog

Neil Patel is highly regarded as one of the most influential digital marketers of this generation. Neil is the founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Quicksprout. Neil’s insights are packed with observations from someone who has successfully marketed some large organizations. We’d highly recommend that every aspiring marketer subscribe to Quicksprout’s blog.

7) Mailchimp

Email marketing blog

Email marketing is incredibly important. In fact, it’s considered the workhorse of digital marketing, beating Social Media’s ROI by a landslide. It comes as almost no surprise that Mailchimp hosts one of the best blogs on email marketing. Mailchimp’s case studies provide serious insight and inspiration that could motivate even the most hesitant marketer to jump on the email marketing bandwagon.

8) Occam’s Razor

Occams razor tech marketing blog

Occam’s Razor is Avinash Kaushik’s blog. Avinash is far from a lightweight in the arena of marketing technology. His blog is a wonderful resource for content marketers looking to up their tech knowledge as it applies to the content marketing industry. You’ll learn how to tell better stories with data, utilize hidden gems within Google Analytics, perfect your Facebook advertising, and more.

9) Moz

MOZ SEO blog

Moz started out as an SEO company that now covers all aspects of inbound marketing. While there are blog posts about creating content and utilizing social media platforms, a majority of the blog focuses on increasing search engine rankings. Therefore, the MOZ blog is best for technical and creative marketers alike who want to stand out on Google (Who doesn’t want to stand out on Google?). One noteworthy feature of the MOZ blog is Whiteboard Friday in which an expert demonstrates marketing principles on a whiteboard via video.

10) HubSpot

HubSpot marketing blog

The HubSpot blog is the hub for all things inbound marketing related. As opposed to other blogs which can be a bit text heavy, HubSpot offers a lot of great infographics and SlideShares that keep things visually appealing. Even the articles that do contain a lot of text are images and large fonts to grab your attention and retain it. HubSpot covers a wide array of different topics from big elements like finding your brands voice to smaller more subtle details like pairing the right fonts.

11) Tipping Point

Tipping Point marketing

Whether you’re a new visitor or a returning one, you happen to have landed on an excellent marketing blog. As a full service marketing/advertising firm we’re able to cover a whole range of different topics.  Everyone is focused on digital marketing, which is great, but there are still other aspects of marketing that are changing/developing and aren’t receiving the proper attention. Were you aware that there’s been a new emerging trend in print advertising that brands are latching onto? Do you know how to successfully leverage radio advertising? Is direct mail still worth utilizing? We cover all aspects of marketing both digital and traditional to give you a well rounded mix of reading material. While many of our posts are geared towards small business owners and empowering them to conduct their own marketing efforts, there are still takeaways for marketing veterans. Not to mention, if you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll receive our free e-book on growing your brand through Instagram. With our e-book you’ll learn how to craft engaging content for your target market, growth hack your brand, generate leads, and produce sales. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. We’ll only send you one email every Friday.

Is there a blog/newsletter you really enjoy or feel we’ve missed? Leave a comment below. We’d love your input!


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