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tipping point facebook

The Right Way to Follow Tipping Point On Facebook

First off, if you landed on this blog post and you have not liked us on Facebook yet, you are automatically following Tipping Point incorrectly. Take a quick second to like us on Facebook before reading the rest of the post. We publish print, television, radio, social media and search marketing news/articles that any business owner, large or small, could benefit immensely from.

There is a lot of competition in the Facebook News Feed these days due to the ever increasing growth in the Facebook population. Ten years ago Facebook had 5.5 million active users. That number has since increased exponentially with each year. Facebook currently has a whopping 1.44 billion active users and as Facebook has grown, so has the number of connections each user has. The average Facebook user has 250 friends and is following 70 different Facebook pages. With all of these different people and pages competing for space in our News Feed some posts from the users that matter to us most get lost. To account for the population growth Facebook switched up their algorithm a couple of years back. Your News Feed now consists of posts from 50 or so people/pages that you interact with the most on a weekly basis. This means you could be missing out on a lot of rich, informational marketing/advertising posts from us and we do not want that to be the case. We have two solutions to make sure that you are following Tipping Point the right way on Facebook so that you do not miss a single one of our important updates.

Get Notifications

If you visit our Facebook page you will see the Liked button in the bottom right corner of our cover photo section. Next to the Like button there is a drop down menu. Hover your mouse over the drop down menu to reveal the menu options. The first option available is Get Notifications.


Check Get Notifications and you are all set! By checking get notifications you will receive a notification every time we post a status update. That way you’ll never miss a single one of our posts ever again. Maybe the idea of receiving a notification for every post sounds a bit unappealing to you. That’s okay, because there is another option!

Add To Interest Lists

Interest lists are like smaller news feeds that you curate for specific groups. For example, you could create a music list to keep up on all of the bands and artists that are important to you. Lists show up in the left hand column of your news feed under interests. To add Tipping Point to an interest list hover your mouse over the liked button drop down menu yet again. This time take note of the Add to Interest Lists option at the bottom.

Tipping Point Facebook Interest Lists

Move your mouse down the menu and check Add to Interest Lists If you don’t already have an appropriate list for us click New List and then click Next. Under List Name you can then choose the appropriate title for the list that we will be featured in. Something along the lines of Marketing or Business News would probably be appropriate. Once you have finished crafting a title for your list you can press done. Now the next time you visit your News Feed you will be able to see your new interest list in the left column.

Tipping Point Facebook Interests

Any time you wish to view our posts you can then click on our list to see what we have been up to.

Tipping Point Tabs

Keep in mind that we post unique content to every platform that we are on. If you truly want to see everything we post make good use of our Twitter and YouTube tabs.

Tipping Point Facebook Twitter Tab

These tabs will allow you to view the content that we post to Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving Facebook!

If you implement one of the methods we outlined above and you check up on our Twitter and YouTube tabs every once in a while, then it is safe to say that you are properly following Tipping Point. Congratulations!


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