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Category: Social Media

Holiday social media marketing manager

10 Holiday Do’s and Don’ts For Social Media Marketers

The holidays require a special approach, and while you probably won’t have to tweak your strategy drastically, you should have a plan in place to help you leverage seasonal trends and avoid an end-of-the-year social media crisis. These are the 10 social media marketing do’s and don’ts for this upcoming holiday season.

Facebook likes via Social Locker

How We Earn 20+ Facebook Likes Per Week (For Free)

As any Facebook page admin knows, it’s not easy to earn Facebook likes without spending at least a little bit of money. However, there are still ways to earn likes without paying anything at all. In fact, we pull in over 20 likes per week for one of our clients with just one blog post. What’s our secret? Allow us to explain.

Digital brand development

The 7 Keys To Building A Successful Digital Brand

To successfully connect with people in the digital age, brands must adopt new habits and, in some cases, behave more like people themselves. While the personalities of individual brands vary, there are commonalities that are critical to success in the digital marketing landscape. Enter the 7 keys to building a successful digital brand.