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Tag: Digital Marketing

Competitor SEO Tactics

Getting Started With Competitor SEO

Optimizing web pages for a competitor name is an incredibly effective SEO strategy that is completely underutilized by many companies and SEO experts. Yet, it’s relatively simple to start ranking for a competitor’s name on search. Learn how to get started with competitor SEO.

Design better web icons

3 Steps To Killer Icon Design & Free Vector Icons

Icons are all over the web. They sit on pages enticing you to share, favorite, explore the menu, visit social sites, comment, search, etc. Yet, many designers still fail to grasp good icon design. Fear not, because there is a well established 3 step process for creating killer icons.

marketing blog

11 Blogs Every Marketer Should Subscribe To

There are A LOT of marketing blogs out there. Many are great, however more still are full of junk written by people who, quite frankly don’t know what they’re talking about. We’ve filtered through the nonsense and the mediocre to bring you the top 11 marketing blogs and newsletters that are actually worth subscribing to.

Website card design

Cards: The Trend Sweeping Web Design

We are currently in the midst of a re-architecture of the web. From social media to real estate websites, cards are fast becoming a popular web design technique. What are they and how can you implement them into your websites? Allow us to explain.

Direct mail or email

Direct Mail Vs. Email Marketing

There’s no doubt every company’s marketing mix should include some form of mail. The question is, should that mail be physical or digital? Ideally you’d want to use a mix of both email and direct mail, but if could only choose one method which one would be the best for your business?

Facebook likes via Social Locker

How We Earn 20+ Facebook Likes Per Week (For Free)

As any Facebook page admin knows, it’s not easy to earn Facebook likes without spending at least a little bit of money. However, there are still ways to earn likes without paying anything at all. In fact, we pull in over 20 likes per week for one of our clients with just one blog post. What’s our secret? Allow us to explain.

Digital brand development

The 7 Keys To Building A Successful Digital Brand

To successfully connect with people in the digital age, brands must adopt new habits and, in some cases, behave more like people themselves. While the personalities of individual brands vary, there are commonalities that are critical to success in the digital marketing landscape. Enter the 7 keys to building a successful digital brand.