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Category: Web Design

Majic Window – Website

A complete website redesign played an instrumental role in ushering Majic Window’s new brand into 2014. A fully responsive, sales-driven website lowered bounce rates significantly,


8 Web Design Predictions For 2016-2017

As any web designer knows, keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry is incredibly important. What new trends will we see pop up and which trends will finally be laid to rest? Continue reading as we explore what 2016-2017 could have to offer for the wonderful world of web design.

Design better web icons

3 Steps To Killer Icon Design & Free Vector Icons

Icons are all over the web. They sit on pages enticing you to share, favorite, explore the menu, visit social sites, comment, search, etc. Yet, many designers still fail to grasp good icon design. Fear not, because there is a well established 3 step process for creating killer icons.

Website card design

Cards: The Trend Sweeping Web Design

We are currently in the midst of a re-architecture of the web. From social media to real estate websites, cards are fast becoming a popular web design technique. What are they and how can you implement them into your websites? Allow us to explain.